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Are you equipped for the changes ahead?

The world is changing! We are living in revolutionary times full of fear and uncertainty as economic and commercial systems are breaking down.  So how do we prepare ourselves to not only survive… but thrive in these turbulent times?
By getting SMART! By equipping ourselves with new ideas and models so we can take advantage of the wonderful freedom and excitement that is also a feature of this new phase in our history.  ‘The 12 System” book and seminar offer heaps of information and some terrific models to help you make sense of WHY the world is changing and WHAT TO DO about it.  Purchase the 12 System Book or DVD right here…right now.

The 12 System Seminar is unique. It answers questions and offers solutions by integrating philosophy, science and psychology in a stream-lined package.  You will learn 3 powerful and simple models to support your growth and prosperity.

Purchase the 12 System Book right here…right now

MODEL 1:  Connect with your Natural Life Cycles

The 12 System offers us a timing system so we can re-connect to our ‘natural life cycles’. Did you know that there are 5 cycles in your life that determine when it’s the right time to make important decisions; getting married, changing careers, having children or moving. Model 1 in the 12 System Seminar introduces these cycles so you can synchronise your goals successfully.

MODEL 2:  Release Limiting Beliefs and Reach your Potential

The 12 System is also a tool for defining and releasing limiting beliefs that have impeded you in the past. Then, with clarity of thought, you can empower your potential for success and happiness.  Model 2 in the 12 System Seminar shows us how!

MODEL 3:  Plan your Year for Success

The 12 System is a tool for planning your year. It uses 12 developmental stages, so you’ll know just which ingredients to add at the right time and in exactly the right order!

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